As to the iPhone 5, the build quality I’ve seen is top-notch (both black and white alike), and after the first few minutes of thinking “boy, this thing doesn’t really fit in my hand”, that feeling tuned out. Still, while grabbing it off a desk to test a few things I kept finding it subtly off — like an unshaven Buddhist monk.

Truth be told that I’ve handled a number of “larger” phones recently, and those felt odder — unshaven Buddhist monk wearing fuchsia robes kind of odd, just about — and I dislike anything that won’t fit into a trouser pocket and stay there.

The Tao of Mac

Haven’t seen one in real life yet, but seriously i hate what i have read and seen about it. Apple seems to have forgot a simple truth in what regards to customers. Don’t force annoying changes in to stuff if there isn’t a clear benefit worthy of the hassle.

We changed the screen size (annoyed the developers), the actual physical proportions (annoyed the customers and case makers) & the connector (royally annoyed anyone that already had some hardware prepared for the old 30 pin connector), all this for getting a ligher “tv remote” shaped phone. Which is like 30 grams lighter or something. Hurray.

Doesn’t make sense. I would buy an “old” iPhone 4 or 4S instead of a iPhonr 5 any day. Too much drawbacks, not enough advantages.

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