There is no MonoCulture and Apple has no idea what the word Focus means anymore

In case I wasn’t perfectly clear on the last post, and because I’m trying to listen to Beats 1, for the second time, THERE. IS. NO. MONOCULTURE. WORLDWIDE.

I assumed this wasn’t required to explain to a large corporation as Apple but apparently it is. Beats 1 is just a online radio. That’s it. There’s nothing innovating or particularly brilliant here. In fact there isn’t even nothing particularly useful here! What you listen in New York or Los Angeles is not the same to what someone listens in Lisbon, Madrid, Paris, Bombai, Luanda, Cape Town, Brasilia or Lima…

I fail to see why Apple is actually wasting its resources here, instead of leaving this to a plethora of third parties and partners, regionally relevant and interesting. It’s not like Apple doesn’t have a plethora of issues to fix, if there’s enough resources to waste on crap like this, I expect no more basic low level bugs, usability short-comes and crappy own-offerings such as iCloud Drive and the current version of iWorks.

Seriously Apple. FOCUS THE FUCK ON. Stop spreading your efforts in a ton of things that never work reliably or even work at all. Focus on a core, make it bullet proof, and leave the rest for third parties to build on. Get your shit together.

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