Apple Music is a Usability Nightmare

Apple Music has some pretty interfaces, but at least in terms of setting up playlists, it is absolutely abysmal. Just flat out awful and near unusable.

I really wanted Apple Music to win me over, but it only made me realize how nice of an app Spotify has both on desktop and on iOS.

UPDATE: Yes, this post is a bit overdramatic and focuses only on making playlists. Yes, there are lots of things that Apple Music probably does well. I just wanted to make my own playlists, and I became very annoyed with how poorly Apple Music currently supports that. A more appropriate title, maybe, would be “Apple Music was a Usability Nightmare for me,” because I ran into issues and roadblocks every step of the way. As Apple makes updates to the iOS app and iTunes, I will definitely check the updates out. Right now, however, it’s not worth my time to go through tedious clicks over and over just to get to the same point that I’m already at with Spotify.

Yep. Pretty much on this update is a freaking mess to use or discover. I’ve given up on Connect obviously, it was as bad if not more than Ping and as equally as useless, and there’s no way in hell I’ll subscribe to this mess in 3 months time. In fact what I’ll find out is how to rid iTunes interface of all of this mess menus and just go back to “my music and my playlists”. And much probably, just like I’be been going with Apple’s Mail, try to find a third party alternative that just works and it’s simple. You know, things Apple used to be!

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