Windows Head Steven Sinofsky to Leave Microsoft

Windows unit president Steven Sinofsky is leaving the company, effective immediately, AllThingsD has confirmed.

The move comes less than a month after Sinofsky presided over the launch of Windows 8 and Microsoft’s Surface tablet–products seen as key to the future if the PC software pioneer is to retain its position amid a market increasingly dominated by phones and tablets.

Sources have said the move came amid growing tension between Sinofsky and other top executives. Sinofsky, though seen as highly talented, was viewed at the top levels as not the kind of team player that the company was looking for. The move is likened by some to the recent ouster at Apple of iOS head Scott Forstall.

Ina Fried – AllThingsD

WOW! That was fast! I actually thought that if Sinofsky and Ballmer were not to be fired together in a future date, he (Sinofsky) would go on to be Microsoft’s CEO. Apparently he had the same “profile” as Forstall from Apple. Brilliant, on the path to something great, hindered only by being an obnoxious person to work with. (( Didn’t you used to think that, after high-school and university, these folks would have learned to behave and be polite by now? ))

It would be mighty interesting if he and Forstall would come together to form a new technological company though.

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