iOS 6 Maps might be hazardous to your health

Now, I’m sure Apple has great things in store for the future.

But I’m also pretty sure that they’ve got an irritatingly high-horse first-world view of how people use maps (as if we all drove around everywhere or wasted time looking at 3D views all day long), and that they botched this one up in what I can only term an epic fashion.

As much as I love their hardware and the rest of their software, this is the kind of thing that seriously annoys people2 — in real life.

Regardless of their parting ways with Google and whatnot, there is an unwritten commandment in technology that roughly states thou shalt not royally fuck up common use cases of your product.

Tao of Mac

That’s the best quote i’ve seen in a long time. Unfortunately, Apple, Google, Microsoft and a couple more couldn’t find it even if they actually tried to.

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