Why wont you just die?!

God, i’m so tired of the “sharing buttons” you can find in every website or blog. In fact what i’m more tired is that i notice the delay every time i visit some of my usual blogs (i notice this specially on blogger) that inevitably have my browser status bar saying something like: “Waiting for facebook” or “Waiting for Google Plus”.

Not any more. Just found out this article that says how you can add an Adblock Plus subscription that’s specially focused on eradicating this plague.

If you want to do it and you already use Adblock Plus for Chrome or Firefox (This also works in Adblock for Safari) just go to the Adblock Preferences and add a new subscription providing this link: https://monzta.maltekraus.de/adblock_social.txt . And done. No more privacy risk – time consuming – irritating “social sharing” nuisances. ((Although this doesn’t block all of the links to social networks just the annoying “share this story” kind.))

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