The Mac App Store (update)

Apparently now i can update Xcode.

Xcode update

Although teoretically evey App is updated.

Screen shot 2011 04 15 at 00 20 42

This were pictures taken with a second apart. And i have restarted the App Store a couple of times before just to make sure it wasn’t a small temporary malfunction.

And did you know that for every small update of xcode i have to download 4,5 GB of (this is really what is going on folks…) an “install xcode” application that will install Xcode and i must keep on my Application folder so that the App store can keep if i have xcode installed! This is absurd. over 6 Gb for the Xcode itself and another 4,5 GB of an install app that i must keep permanently on my Application folder?

I thought the all purpose of the App Store was for “easy” application finding, management and updates…

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