OpenMediaVault – the duke nukem of NAS

Update: I jumped the gun.. Guess the “duke” ain’t here yet. We’ll have to wait for a release note. Soon i hope.
Update2: It’s here alright. You can download it and install it. But beware as it is still highly experimental. It seems to have a lot of potential though.

Finally! It’s here, it has arrived! Open Media Vault, the Debian based somewhat-successor to FreeNas is launched!!

I’ve been consulting the site for over a year and half or so, waiting for a chance to download the software, but the lead and single developer kept us all on the hook for it.

I respect immensely any one that can do such a feat single handedly but i must admit i was loosing my patience waiting for it; specially because i’ve got a low-energy consumption device waiting for it! Couldn’t get FreeNAS to recognize the esoteric hardware, couldn’t get any Fedora based distro because the processor wasn’t a “modern” i686 (despite running at 1GHz) but Debian, faithful to itself, runs like a charm on it. So will Open Media Vault i expect.

Now, there’s just a little problem… I’m away for the weekend so i can’t try it out!

Life’s a bitch…

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