Really!? They Killed WebOS?

If this is actually true, and i still have serious doubts about it, then it will earn the prize for the stupidest dickish move of the year from the usual champion Microsoft.

Really??? HP thought that after not even a 2 months on the market and what, 18 months?, of investment on WebOS/Palm it would just conquer large percentage of the market and bring in heavy profits? Really?

To be perfect honest, i thought, after the Blackberry pad fiasco (what was its name? can’t remember it anymore) that WebOS was the only alternative to iOS devices. The OS seemed nicely built, with attention to detail and good general design approach.

Sure most reviews claimed it had some bugs and some handicaps, but the general opinion was: “it seems interesting, it seems good, but it still is not there yet!”. In my view all of reviews seemed more enthusiastic than Android tablets/devices.

It also had potential as a simple unifying OS over all the printers, tabs, Laptops/Desktops and smartphones made by HP. It seemed a really interesting approach by HP and one that could in fact brought some revenues and added value to their offerings.

And not even going to touch the independence from Redmond approach which could have heavy profits on the future. Even licensing to other companies possibilities.

So, why? why? why? Why would they kill as prematurely a possible beautiful swan after they invested so much in its gestation and it was still a infant not-so-much-ugly duckling !?

Again, i sincerely don’t believe this is true or that it’s going forward. I hope… But i’ve seen stranger things coming from “corporate world”.

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