Anonymous declares war after French firm trademarks its logo

“A French company trying to trademark the Anonymous logo and slogan for commercial purposes has inspired an angry response from a team claiming to be affiliated with the hacking group.

The company Early Flicker, or E-Flicker, has registered the headless man logo and the slogan ‘We are Anonymous, We do not forgive, We do not forget. Expect us’ with the French National Institute of Industrial Property. This would allow the company to produce and sell merchandising bearing the logo, and potentially to take action against others who use it in France.”

The Register

Either this is some sort of plot & honeypot by the French Intelligence or these are the dumbest business owners on Earth. (( I would say the first option but every time i’ve said “nobody is that dumb!” i’ve been proven wrong. ))

Microsoft way of feedback

Microsoft feedback interface

Imagem from Paul Thurrot –

“Here’s Windows 8. It’s totally different from everything you’ve used before, we’re sticking it down your throat either you want it or not, but please provide us with your feedback so that we can improve.

Do you think we’re great, wonderful or just Einstein/Tesla type of genius?” (( This text was obviously imagined but if you look at the picture i dare you to think that this didn’t happened.))


iPhone 4S Sales Canceled in China

We’ve finally gotten the Apple product launch I’ve always dreamed of: Surly customers-to-be hurling eggs at Apple retail stores in Beijing halted sales of the iPhone 4S in that country. Well, it’s not exactly what I had hoped for. Turns out, the Chinese were just too excited to get the evolutionary device, forcing Apple to sell the iPhone 4S only electronically. Still, the sight of eggs on an Apple Store …¬†You know, it just warms the heart. Speaking of which….”

Paul Thurrot

This is Paul Thurrot. A “nice fellow” that supposedly covers technology for living. And this is his way of covering other companies besides Microsoft. So now you know.

Screen shot 2012 01 16 at 00 01 19

You know what you need Joe?

“Earlier this month I sold my 11.6-inch MacBook Air (using Samsung Series 5 Chromebook now) and iPhone 4 (switched back to Google Nexus S). I don’t miss either Apple product. Not the least bit. In reflecting, I realize that the spell is broken. Without Apple Chairman Steve Jobs driving innovation or inspiring passion — the oft-called “reality distortion field” — my Apple enthusiasm is gone. Perhaps it’s return to sanity.

I should have connected the dots sooner, but often people don’t easily apply even basic math to emotional matters, because the nuances move swiftly on the surface with many slower currents and fast-churning eddies below. The ocean is an excellent analogy. Yesterday, in viewing Nate Mook’s slideshow of 20 products introduced by Jobs, and resurfacing emotions about the different launches, I had an epiphany. I could see how much Jobs’ passion infected mine — his ability to inspire about what Apple products offered.

I used to joke about the Steve Jobs spell: During one of the product launch speeches, if he was having an off day, people left feeling like: If I buy this thing my life will be better for it. If Jobs was in the zone giving the preso, people left feeling if they didn’t buy the new thing their lives would be worse.”

Joe Wilcox

It’s called a Personality. With a pinch of will power. You definitely should try it some day….

Should Math be taught in schools?

This is a parody of this video and while this one is funny in its nonsense type, the real one is just… scary…

Really America? 50 states, 300 million people and this sampling is what you get? I know, “Misses” aren’t exactly MIT material, unfortunately it’s like this everywhere, but that all of them side with the moronic side of this discussion is terrifying.

By the way, if nothing else would turn me an atheist, this kind of divine joke would. Such nice wrappings (not only in the original video but everywhere) and nothing inside. It’s a sadistic law of nature. Oh, i hate you “Lord”!

On a side note, Miss Massachusetts is hot…

Really!? They Killed WebOS?

If this is actually true, and i still have serious doubts about it, then it will earn the prize for the stupidest dickish move of the year from the usual champion Microsoft.

Really??? HP thought that after not even a 2 months on the market and what, 18 months?, of investment on WebOS/Palm it would just conquer large percentage of the market and bring in heavy profits? Really?

To be perfect honest, i thought, after the Blackberry pad fiasco (what was its name? can’t remember it anymore) that WebOS was the only alternative to iOS devices. The OS seemed nicely built, with attention to detail and good general design approach.

Sure most reviews claimed it had some bugs and some handicaps, but the general opinion was: “it seems interesting, it seems good, but it still is not there yet!”. In my view all of reviews seemed more enthusiastic than Android tablets/devices.

It also had potential as a simple unifying OS over all the printers, tabs, Laptops/Desktops and smartphones made by HP. It seemed a really interesting approach by HP and one that could in fact brought some revenues and added value to their offerings.

And not even going to touch the independence from Redmond approach which could have heavy profits on the future. Even licensing to other companies possibilities.

So, why? why? why? Why would they kill as prematurely a possible beautiful swan after they invested so much in its gestation and it was still a infant not-so-much-ugly duckling !?

Again, i sincerely don’t believe this is true or that it’s going forward. I hope… But i’ve seen stranger things coming from “corporate world”.