Remembering John Hunter

John Hunter, author of Matplotlib, founding board member of NumFOCUS, husband to Miriam, and father to three daughters: Clara, Ava, and Rahel, was diagnosed with cancer in late July 2012 after returning from his keynote address at SciPy in Austin, TX. He passed away on August 28th from complications arising from necessary cancer treatment. See the announcement email by his good friend, Fernando Perez.

John has given so much to all of us in the Python community, now is our time to give something back to his family by providing for the education and support of his children. We have setup the John Hunter Memorial Fund to provide a mechanism for individuals and companies who have appreciated John’s work, to give back to him by ensuring that his children have funds available for their education.

John Hunter Memorial Fund – NumFOCUS Foundation

Almost all of the advancement of mankind is done by small pieces, a bit here and there that, altogether, provide us with a platform to go higher, faster, stronger. Most is done by virtually unknown to the “masses” engineers and scientists. John Hunter was one of them (us!), and he designed matplotlib, the Python library that anyone that uses python for science and mathematical computation uses.

It’s only worthy of us remembering him and, anyone that can, helping out his family and his children. Please see the link for more information

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