A tale of modern times

A 64bit processor with 64bit EFI, (( i can’t have a pure 64bit kernel & extensions because Apple won’t let me. Apparently somebody forgot to write “pro” after “Macbook” on my screen. And OS X is very picky when it comes to what’s written on the PC it runs. )) 8 gigabytes of RAM, Pyhton, Matlab, calendarized tasks with UNIX scripts and Automator, an entire LaTeX suite, R, MS Office, redundant and automatic backups to different destinations, a carefully managed library of almost a thousand scientific papers in Papers2, shared folders and a endless bunch of other “gizmos” and automations and “power-tools” and the only way of finally getting some work done is going back to a black screen with green letters and a green blinking cursor.


Black screen macbook with writeroom

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