Piracy and the four currencies

” The problem with most piracy debates is that the only “cost” they discuss is money-dollars.  So, the problem is framed somewhat like this:

“Buying the game from us costs money-dollars.  Pirating it costs zero money-dollars.  Therefore, most people will pirate the game if they have the choice and we must do everything we can to physically stop them.”

The familiar Money-dollar ($M)  This is wrong because there are at least four currencies involved here, not just one (money-dollars).

I propose the following:

  • ($M) Money-dollars

  • ($T) Time-dollars

  • ($P) Pain-in-the-butt-dollars

  • ($I) Integrity-dollars”

Lars Doucet

Can we somehow get the linked essay delivered to all the games, music and movies Executives?

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