Evolution and Intelligent Design (No, Not That Kind …)

“Everybody has a duty to participate in the quest to deeply understand more and to be better. It is our duty. When we are born, we sign a contract with our family, with our tribe, with our environment. We have to honour that contract.

Nobody is obliged to be a genius — Ptolemy, Hawkins, Einstein or even Steve Jobs[2]. But you must do the best you can with your own tools. A plumber who performs his best possible work is part of our grand race to be better.”

Philippe Starck | Wired.com

Yep. This.

The ethics of work. Not everybody gots to be a rocket scientist nor everyone has the physical body to do heavy physical work and build stuff. We need to play the hand we were dealt. But what we must do and we must try to be is one of the best at our work. No matter what it is. That no one can truthfully claim that we weren’t honest or truthful or one of the best. Now, that’s a goal.

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