Twitter needs to die

“Twitter was largely based around SMS, and there is no metadata payload for SMS, so those links had to be included in the 140 characters themselves (and yes, SMS is 160 characters, but Twitter set aside 20 for usernames). Yet another reason why SMS needs to die.”

MG Siegler

Or, i would add, Twitter needs to grow up and drop the nonsense 140 character limitation.

Is there any logical reason why we should write grammatically incorrect and unarticulated semblances of a sentence on Twitter? If they want to make it short, can’t it be a simple 500 or 1000 character limit? It would probably encompass 95% of the ideas and comments people want to make on Twitter. And we wouldn’t have to go phishing around for the previous comments on a discussion to understand what the hell the person was saying on part 16 out of 25, or something like that.

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