Can we at least get a powerpoint or keynote file?

You are a terrorist. Yes, You!.

Apparently We, the US Gov, don’t need to have any proof. We just need the President to say so.

Never mind the Constitution.

I’m “sure” that there is plenty of evidence proving that Anwar Awlaki had blood on his hands. A judicial case proving it would be swell, but, because we trust Nobel Peace Prizer Winner Barack Obama so much, can we just get a simple document? A powerpoint presentation? (( or even better a Keynote presentation, they are much stronger in the reality distortion field… )) You know, just a draft of something stating that he was heard discussing something, somebody on the field identified him, his communications were intercepted and something on it was self-incriminating?

Just something that the rest of us can look upon and say, okay, the US Gov. is not just randomly killing his citizens without due process on the orders of its President.

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