Happy 1000 Anniversary Old Friend

Screen shot 2011 10 01 at 01 05 27

1000 battery charge cycles and counting. One month before “he” actually turns 3 years old. My faithful work tool, entertainer and “companion” if such a term can be used for a machine. But it endures with me, on my ramblings on the state of the world, of tech, of my country. It allows my work pursuits, my social chatting with distant friends and the satisfaction of my endless curiosity.

It truly is a “bicycle for the mind

A purchase from which i have absolutely no regrets. As a gift “he” received last week a RAM upgrade. It is now carrying 8 GB due to the “unofficial” firmware upgrade from Apple and no problem whatsoever. Only wish SSD drives would be more affordable, but then again, i’ve been wishing that since i’ve purchased this little fellow.

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