Android is easy.

There’s an educational wifi network in most of the european universities called eduroam. It’s a “enterprise” network, using an 802.1x security certificate, so you need to install your institution certificate file before using the login and password.

I was trying to help a coworker configuring his brand new Android phone. I thought it would be rather simple, as I had previously configured a iPod Touch a year or so ago and it was just finding the file and importing it. Nop. Not a chance.

So, a quick case study of what needs to be corrected by Android in user friendliness before actually announcing to the world that it is the new Master…

Setting up an iOS device:

Screen shot 2011 03 10 at 17 21 46

Setting up an Android device:

Screen shot 2011 03 10 at 17 22 13

This is just an excerpt of the 20 steps or so of the configuration procedure. !? After 20 steps of a tedious process, you still might find that it will or it will not work, and if not maybe try again with these settings…

Some team really needs to go back to the “drawing board”…

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