I’m also quitting Google *

“The Wall Street Journal reported on Sunday that Google is giving Schmidt an “equity award” of $100 million in stock and stock options. The award is set to be vested over four years.”

I am not against rewarding good management, and i actually think that good management is the most crucial element in a good company. You need no more examples than taking a good look at the currently adrift Microsoft to understand that.

But I do believe that Shareholder value is being dismissed by these self-awarding prices from the Management to the Management. The day should come when this kind of behavior wouldn’t be allowed by an active vigilant Shareholders. Better “checked” Companies generate more profits now and on the long run. And this goes for the Calpers proposal on Apple’s Board of Directors.

Unfortunately i can’t put my measly wallet where my mouth is. Just waiting for that Google gold watch…

*Pretty please?

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