Finnish State of the Art

This is 2011 and i can’t find any reasonably priced Nokia phone (or, until now, any phone at all, even the most expensive E71) that is able to charge through a standard usb cable and micro-usb port.

My previous phone was a very cheap and plastic, run-of-the-mill, ZTE F230, for which i paid exactly 40€ and it managed to have a micro-usb charging port. I never used the charger that came with it. Just carried around the small USB cable they provided and charged it everywhere.

What is the difficulty Nokia? Am I supposed to be carrying around one of your proprietary brick which just adds weight and volume to my already too stuffed laptop bag? Or do you expect that i should be happy to have my phone turn off every other day because i didn’t charge it at home and don’t have the charger with me at the office?

Who are these people? Where is their marketing department? Do they even consider what could help their customers? Or just their own pockets?

One of the most valuable and interesting phrases i learned from the english language is “penny wise and pound foolish”. And that is just what Nokia Management seems to be. Trying to scrape a couple of coins with these “under-features” and forgot to understand that most “wise” and “alpha” consumers will just turn to other brands, who don’t have these moronic limitations, taking with them their friends and relations that listen to their advice.

And usually that’s a lot of consumers. I know that since i bought my own macbook i had decisive influence in at least 9 other purchases of Apple computer hardware. Do they think that network effect is a meaningless expression? Or that all of the masses are guided by their powerful media campaign?

News flash for Nokia and all of the other brands. 90% of the consumers don’t follow your adds. They don’t follow your fake/or paid reviews. They follow what their friends use and/or advise. So, those that you really have to persuade are the ones that will take your product and put it under a microscope. And they will be pretty pissed off if it won’t have a standard USB charging port in 2011.

PS: Isn’t there an agreement, mandated by the European Commission, to have USB chargers in all of the phones in 2011? Where are they?