Nuclear Management

Aceita também que não utilizará estes produtos para qualquer fim que esteja proibido pelas leis dos Estados Unidos, incluindo, sem limitação, o desenvolvimento, a concepção, o fabrico ou a produção de armamento nuclear, mísseis, ou armas biológicas ou químicas.

iTunes Terms of Service in Portuguese for the Portuguese Store

The (most?) stupid thing about iTunes’s “Nuclear clause” is not that it exists or it’s present on a player/media manager program. It’s that Apple has effectively paid translators and, i assume, national lawyers to translate this nonsense onto each national language where the iTunes store operates.

Just out of curiosity, does this mean that, if i would be building a “Nuclear/Chemical/Biological Weapon”, i couldn’t use iTunes for it’s deployment control system (( a capability that iTunes is worldwide known for )) or that i couldn’t use iTunes to listen to music while i was engineering such Weapon of Mass Destruction?

‘Let America become Sweden’s fourth state’: An unlikely third-party run

If you’re finding yourself unhappy about the democratic and republican candidates in today’s U.S. presidential election and want to support an outsider, maybe the Swedish Party is for you.

The totally fictional Swedish Party promises to transform the United States into a larger, warmer version of Sweden. Its presidential candidate, Johan (no last name), wants to give you universal health care, free education, neutral foreign policy, and two additional years to life expectancy. His campaign platform is built on “the individual freedom at the heart of the American dream, put into practice by the Swedish Party via the Swedish model.”

Washington Post

Shit Apple Fanatics says

Part 1

Part 2

This is hilarious.

I am, however, waiting anxiously for the “shit apple-haters says”. Those are the most curious folks: “Everything with an apple is the work of the Devil!!”.

Anonymous declares war after French firm trademarks its logo

“A French company trying to trademark the Anonymous logo and slogan for commercial purposes has inspired an angry response from a team claiming to be affiliated with the hacking group.

The company Early Flicker, or E-Flicker, has registered the headless man logo and the slogan ‘We are Anonymous, We do not forgive, We do not forget. Expect us’ with the French National Institute of Industrial Property. This would allow the company to produce and sell merchandising bearing the logo, and potentially to take action against others who use it in France.”

The Register

Either this is some sort of plot & honeypot by the French Intelligence or these are the dumbest business owners on Earth. (( I would say the first option but every time i’ve said “nobody is that dumb!” i’ve been proven wrong. ))

The Review of John Siracusa’s Review of OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion

“The 10.8 review maintains Siracusa’s standard at approximately 26,000 words, an impressive feat given that the interval between 10.7 and 10.8 was much shorter than most previous OS X update intervals.

This is not a quick read, so it’s a good opportunity to try a read-later method such as Safari’s Reading List, which Apple invented completely on their own.”

Marco Arment –

This review of a review, done slightly in humoristic terms is lovely. But you would miss the larger joke, bold in the quoted paragraphs, if you didn’t knew that Marco Arment is creator and main developer of Instapaper, the original “source” for Apple’s reading list feature.

Apple unveils low-cost Cornea display

Cornea display macbook

“As usual, Apple’s critics have been quick to react. ‘This is an outrage,’ says a Dell spokesperson. ‘This is Apple’s first move into the inferior product market space, and they’re praised as an innovator. Dell has been making inferior products for years and gets no credit.’”



My new personal motto

“I’m a big believer in open source, which is an ancient African phrase meaning “no, I will not fix your Windows computer for you.” “

Ivan Krstić

I think i’m going to start using it as my personal signature on the emails i send to friends and family…