Nuclear Management

Aceita também que não utilizará estes produtos para qualquer fim que esteja proibido pelas leis dos Estados Unidos, incluindo, sem limitação, o desenvolvimento, a concepção, o fabrico ou a produção de armamento nuclear, mísseis, ou armas biológicas ou químicas.

iTunes Terms of Service in Portuguese for the Portuguese Store

The (most?) stupid thing about iTunes’s “Nuclear clause” is not that it exists or it’s present on a player/media manager program. It’s that Apple has effectively paid translators and, i assume, national lawyers to translate this nonsense onto each national language where the iTunes store operates.

Just out of curiosity, does this mean that, if i would be building a “Nuclear/Chemical/Biological Weapon”, i couldn’t use iTunes for it’s deployment control system (( a capability that iTunes is worldwide known for )) or that i couldn’t use iTunes to listen to music while i was engineering such Weapon of Mass Destruction?