iOS 9 & OS X 10.11 to bring ‘quality’ focus

For the first time in several years, Apple is changing up its annual iOS and OS X upgrade cycle by limiting new feature additions in favor of a “big focus on quality,” according to multiple sources familiar with the company’s operating system development plans. We first reported in February that iOS 9, codenamed “Monarch,” would heavily feature under-the-hood optimizations, and we’ve now learned that Apple is taking the same approach with OS X 10.11, codenamed “Gala.” Sources have revealed additional new details on how Apple will optimize the new operating systems for improved stability and performance, add several new security features, and make important changes to its Swift programming tools for developers…

According to sources within Apple’s software development departments, Apple engineers have been pushing executives for a Snow Leopard-style stability focus in 2015, following numerous bugs that clouded the launches of both iOS and OS X. Apple directors reportedly opposed a complete pause on new features, but agreed to focus on quality assurance by holding back some features that were initially planned for the latest operating system launches. One source explained, “I wouldn’t say there’s nothing new for consumers, but the feature lists are more stripped down than the initial plans called for.”


Quality doesn’t just appear out of thin air because some Apple directors have “ordered it” to do so. It appears when engineers/developers are given time to do it reliably, with focus, and without being always on a perennial treadmill between iOS releases, OS X releases and the god damned September “new iPhone” release!

The fact is that both OS X and iOS will continue to degrade while this yearly update insanity and pairing of iOS and OSX releases with the new iPhone release continues. OS X doesn’t required a yearly upgrade and it has been effectively hurt by doing so. QUality has decreased, stability has decreased, reliability has decreased. What exactly do I need new features in iOS and OS X if not one of them can be relied upon?

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