The Future of ZEVO

“After the announcement was made that Ten’s Complement’s Don Brady is joining GreenBytes, we were overwhelmed with the volume of requests for clarity on the future of ZEVO. We wanted to take a few days to nail down the specifics, but we are happy to announce that beginning on September 15, 2012,¬†GreenBytes will offer the ZEVO Community Edition as a freely downloadable binary!

As we approach the September 15th launch date, we will reveal more details about the functionality in the ZEVO Community Edition — and you should expect enhancements from the prior commercial version!”

GreenBytes Blog

Great! Waiting patiently for September then.

For those of you that don’t know what ZEVO is, ZEVO is the Mac port of the ZFS File System, a highly advanced filesystem which focuses on Data integrity and “magical” features as single-disk data redundancy (( which means that by reducing the “size” of a disk in half or thirds or more, you get several copies of the same file magically linked so that no error will make your data unreadable )) , multiple disks spanning logical volumes (( just add an additional disk and the “volume” grows in size without you worrying where stuff is placed )) and a gigantic maximum possible size. ((Zetabytes. Look it up )) Mac OS X was supposed to get this in Leopard and Snow Leopard but for some reason, we were left with HFS+ only, which has the same problems that any decades old file system has.

I have looked at ZEVO several times before, considering wether to purchase the cheapest paid product (which was meant for a single external USB disk) but if it is coming in September with full features and free, i couldn’t be happier.

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  1. I should not expect a free community edition to have as full a feature set as a commercial successor, but it’s safe to assume that the first community edition will be superior to Silver¬†Edition 1.0.3.

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