The New MacBook Pro: Unfixable, Unhackable, Untenable

“Every time we buy a locked down product containing a non-replaceable battery with a finite cycle count, we’re voicing our opinion on how long our things should last. But is it an informed decision? When you buy something, how often do you really step back and ask how long it should last? If we want long-lasting products that retain their value, we have to support products that do so.

Today, we choose. If we choose the Retina display over the existing MacBook Pro, the next generation of Mac laptops will likely be less repairable still. When that happens, we won’t be able to blame Apple. We’ll have to blame ourselves.”

Kyle Wiens –

Facebook releases internal C++ libraries as open source

“Facebook is liberating a large collection of libraries that it uses internally for C++ development. The code is available from a public GitHub repository where it is distributed as open source under the permissive Apache Software License.

The assortment of frameworks is collectively called Folly, the Facebook Open Source Library. Its individual components support a diverse spectrum of capabilities, ranging from general-purpose programming functionality to more specialized pieces that are designed to help developers wring extra performance out of complex applications.”

Ars Technica

Folly Definition

What a suited name for something Facebook related. ((Although in truth, the libraries apparently are all about C++ hard data manipulation, nothing “social” in itself.))

Why wont you just die?!

God, i’m so tired of the “sharing buttons” you can find in every website or blog. In fact what i’m more tired is that i notice the delay every time i visit some of my usual blogs (i notice this specially on blogger) that inevitably have my browser status bar saying something like: “Waiting for facebook” or “Waiting for Google Plus”.

Not any more. Just found out this article that says how you can add an Adblock Plus subscription that’s specially focused on eradicating this plague.

If you want to do it and you already use Adblock Plus for Chrome or Firefox (This also works in Adblock for Safari) just go to the Adblock Preferences and add a new subscription providing this link: . And done. No more privacy risk – time consuming – irritating “social sharing” nuisances. ((Although this doesn’t block all of the links to social networks just the annoying “share this story” kind.))