Better wages

“Apple is pushing for Chinese worker reform now because with its huge margins, better worker wages & fewer hours hurts Apple competitors.”

Glenn Fleishman

I’m not sure if the Apple Board / Tim Cook would actually go for this maquiavelic strategy, it really doesn’t seem their thing. Apple has, since 1997, pretty much did their thing and let the rest of the world follow their own path. In fact, it seems something more out of Bill Gates book of strategy.

But if true, it will work. Boy, how it will work… And pretty much nobody will withstand it. It will drive the prices of competing laptops right into the Mac(s) price range. And if that happens around the time of Windows 8 spectacular launch and an even spectacular crash, Apple’s share of the PC market will sky rocket, and a giant turmoil will follow in the “PC world”.

As a secondary outcome, it’s a step further for the factories coming back to the western world. Or moving to other less developed countries, spreading richness and well-fare around, improving life conditions and reducing the wind behind China’s sails.

Now that i think of it i can only see positive outcomes on this…

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