Will the internet kill copyright? Here’s hoping…

“In the information age, electronic data or informational goods can be copied for free. Accordingly, this is what goods should be priced at: zero, instead of monopoly pricing.

Ironically, pirates are acting as conventional economists claim people should – that is, they are rational agents seeking to maximise their utility (happiness) by obtaining copies of informational goods at marginal cost.

Other costs include those associated with the court system and patents offices, which have effectively become a joke. People and firms are endlessly suing each other over potential and real copyright infringements, with these legal expenses essentially acting as a tax on innovation that is passed on to consumers.”

Philip Soos, Deakin University

And if not by the economic cost, then it will crumble by the political movement spurred by each draconian iteration of Copyright laws on the Internet. Does the name Pirate Party rings a bell? There are currently legal parties or movements to constitute one in over 62 countries. Big-Media and other Copyright business “actors” in their eternal blindness somehow fail to see that incoming freight train.

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