The Focused MacBook Air

“In the process of setting it up – I’ve decided to make this new machine a focused, minimal, work, machine. Despite Migration Assistant – I want to start some new habits, not repeat old, bad ones.

So far this means:

Not setting up email, IM, Skype, or any sort of communications app. Nothing. This is a creation machine – not a communication machine.”

Garrick Van Buren

Yep. ‘Been thinking about this as well. The problem with the two accounts route is when you actually need to have a way of communicating with your co-workers or clients. As soon as you set up email you’ve stepped in a mine field and everything else follows.

Separating completely your work and personal life is hard. More than it seems and even more on your self-owned single machine. Specially if you’re passionate for what you do and you basically do it (or think about it) most of the day.

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