Quality assurance

There’s something wrong with the copying manufacturing factories at Samsung. I mean they seriously need to check closely with their Quality Assurance inspectors.

I mean, didn’t they noticed that the trackpad wasn’t centered regarding the opening indentation?


And that they forgot to put the glowing apple logo on the top lid of this “macbook”?


And that the Magsafe port is rectangular instead of round?


These small details could just make someone think that they were looking on a cheap rip-off homage PC instead of a full quality Apple Macbook manufactured by Apple’s biggest supplier, Samsung of course.

I guess the clean large trackpad was obvious that it was coming to every computer, as it just makes more sense and is insanely superior compared with the previous ones. In fact i long for one every time i have to use a standard notebook. But that they even reproduced the indentation for opening the lid exactly as Apple’s Macbooks was shameless and unnecessary.

In the end i’m just curious how much did Samsung spend to have their “designers” and engineers trying to copy the outside of Apples products, resulting of course in this half-breed that strikes to look beautiful as it’s competitors but in the end just fails because of all of its incongruences and corner-cutting, instead of doing it’s own design from the ground up and ending up with a product of their own that would probably look better and would be inherently more original. And i guess it would probably have some other industrial strengths in either cost, internal space, or physical resistance.

Photos ¬†from PC World’s article

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