Firefox Keychain Integration

Just found out that you can use your keychain passwords with Firefox through this Firefox extension.

It is a bit nagging in the beginning regarding keychain access authorizations but it will probably slow down in the future, after you’ve authorized access to most of the common sites/passwords.

Also, i would recommend some caution with importing Firefox passwords in to keychain, as it is asked the first time you start Firefox after extension is installed. If Firefox is your standard browser and has been for the last months, go for it. If not, i’m not sure if you won’t replace valid passwords for older ones. I personally haven’t tried to to do it so can’ help you there.

On the upside though, when the password/site is not present in keychain, it looks in the Firefox password database “beneath” keychain, so no problem there.

As a side note, been trying out Firefox 7 beta. Just for a couple of hours but it does seem that Firefox may become a competitor again. i’m just going to keep a watchfull eye on that memory consumption after a couple of days without shutting it down.

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