Data Rescue 3


I had written the post before this weekend. Due to several issues, i didn’t posted as soon as written, so during the weekend i ended up buying the MacLegion Spring 2011 Bundle. And with it, Data Rescue 3.

And guess what! My music, my entire old music collection is back! Data Rescue appears to have retrieve it in full. I didn’t see any missing file, tried a random couple of them, all good. 😀

And it did it at the first scan option, without any difficulty. As if the disk never had any problem. It just scanned it for a couple of minutes, showed me a list of my missing folders and asked me what folders would i like to retrieve.

It has an interesting approach, as it doesn’t repair the disk, it simply copies the data to another disk we select. Which i’m perfectly fine with, as i have a large 640gb external disk at my desk, with a lot of empty space. For those who don’t have an external disk with enough space in it, this might be a problem, but to be perfectly honest, i didn’t explore the software that much, so it might have the option to restore the disk integrity. I was just so happy that i got my music back that i loaded up VLC and started hearing random folders from my retrieved collection.

So, if for nothing else, buy this bundle for Data Rescue 3. Love it, love it, love it!


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