Personality goes a long way

like Apple Inc.

I like their products. Specifically i like the Mac. Since i bought a Macbook (the first and only aluminum macbook) two years ago, it has been my trusted companion on my current professional endeavour. I work with him all day long. And i waste time browsing the web with him at night.

It would be all ok in Mac Land, if it wasn’t for these little details. Tiny specs of imperfection that remain in the cleanness of this metal surface. Tiny drops of stubbornness or simple negligence by its makers.

You see, Apple has a very particular concept of customer relationship. They don’t listen to you. Or if they do, they simply don’t give a damn.

There’s a infinity of bugs or “misdirected features” in Mac OS. They could fix them. They could listen to the feedbacks customers report. Or they could simply take a walk on the wild side and go to their own forums, where you can get a real picture of the vocal user feeling.

I usually report when i find a bug. Or a “misdirected feature”. Or at least i used to. Nowadays, I start to doubt if it has any worth on it. I’ve complained several times since Snow Leopard came out. Specifically about the iTunes Media Keys appropriation. I’ve complained every time a new point update came out. And i’ve got nothing.

So, i’ve decided to create this site, my personal soap box for my digital self. It won’t be just a complaint box. Some compliments will be here too. And some rants. And many, many, many opinions.


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